Three truths of life

The three blatant truths of life are:

√  There is nothing to know.

√  There is nothing to do.

√  There is nothing to lose or gain.

Let’s discuss these three points in detail now.


Yes, there is absolutely nothing to know in life. But, unfortunately, to realize this fact is not so easy. We learn so many things in life only to realize that there is nothing to know in the end. We go to the school, college, and university because we believe that there is so much to know in this world. The world that we live appears extremely fascinating. The vastness of the universe. The diversity of the animal kingdom, from the protozoa to the human being. The wonders of the nature. Everything fascinates us and we want to know what exactly they are. After our countless attempts to know the nature of the outer world, we realize that there is no way to understand this world in completeness. At this point, we change our direction — we turn inward. When we turn inward, we realize that the vast universe exists only in our ‘perception’ which is limited to our five senses. That is why the world is called ‘maya‘ (means illusion) by the enlightened beings, yogis, and some philosophers. Since the universe exists only in our ‘perception’ and not in reality, what is the point in trying to know its nature in detail?


Yes, there is nothing to do in life as well. The truth is that everything happens according to the laws of nature. We believe that it is us who are changing this world. Through our eyes, we see so much development in technology. We believe that we have made huge aircraft, we have developed industries, we have improved our health system, and so on. But the fact is that we are merely the ‘instruments’ of the nature through which actions are taking place. Everything that has manifested in the world, first arise in the thoughts of the human. And the truth is that we cannot decide what to think; so our thoughts are happenings not our creations. If we understand this, we realize that the most important thing in life is to know the source of these thoughts. And now comes the most fascinating thing. If we search for the source of our thoughts, thoughts will disappear because thoughts do not exist in reality. Now comes the ultimate thing. When the thoughts disappear, truth will emerge itself because it is our mind that does not let us know the truth. That is why enlightened beings advise us to calm our mind first. Meditation is all about calming our mind. When the mind is still, free of any thoughts, only then we are likely to see the truth as it is. When our mind is still, we can perceive the non-physical dimensions of existence. And those non-physical dimensions are not limited to our five senses. This is the most fascinating thing about human beings and the main purpose of our birth. So, there is absolutely nothing to do. We actually need to ‘undo’ things to realize the truths of life. Unfortunately, we do so many things in life to realize this simple fact in the end, mostly near our death.

Another fact, yes there is neither anything to lose nor anything to gain. We cannot really gain anything. We can only believe that we can gain so many things in life. Money, house, car, job, family, reputation, etc., there appears so many things that we can gain in life. But in reality, we cannot gain anything. It is only our attachment to the things. We buy a house and ‘think’ that it is ours. The house belonged to someone else in the past and it will belong to someone else or perhaps get destroyed in an Earthquake in the future. So it is again only our ‘thought’ that we can gain something. Even the body that we call ours is borrowed from the planet earth which is just the food that we eat, in essence. So, there is nothing to gain at all in life. And where is the question of losing?


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