Perhaps I will never see him again

We meet, walk together for some time, and then we depart. It happens in trains and public transits noticeably. But even at larger time-scales, it happens in our life all the time. Everyday or every week, we meet new friends, share things with them for some time and again time comes to say good bye. Some of those friends we will see again, some we won’t. Some we want to see again, some we don’t.


Today, another such friend left a message in my desk and went away.

We not only shared the office, but we shared the air we breathed. I shared his energy and he shared my energy.

We didn’t communicate much as such but communication “happened”. In fact, communication that happens energy-wise is much more powerful and long lasting. He was a person with high energy and positivity. He was a great hiker and more importantly a responsible vegetarian. He was in many ways like a Yogi. I never saw him worried.

I will perhaps never see him again. But I am sure life will remind me of him in different ways at different times in the future.

My best wishes to him too.




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