How I died

Once a person is dead, he is dead. How can he tell the story of his death? I know you are asking this question right now. But trust me, this is a real story. Today, I am going to tell you exactly how I died.

It started about six months ago. Yes, my death started exactly six months ago. It was a gradual death. I didn’t die by accident. Six months ago, I learned some yoga in a program called “Inner Engineering“. After I started practicing the yoga, I started to die. By the end of six months, I was completely dead.

But I had no problem. It was actually deliberate. It was my own choice, to kill myself.

So what exactly happened? After practicing yoga, I realized that there were two ‘I’s within me. One was the false person created by the mind and another was the real person. I actually killed the first one. Now I am the real one.

That false person believed in so many things of the mind. He was so obsessed with his possessions. He thought that he was his body, mind, and emotions. He had no idea who he really was.

He had so many identities. And all of them were negative. Anger, lust, hate, ignorance etc. Those were his qualities. He had not even a single good quality.

But now, with the death of that false person, the only thing remaining is the true self. Love, bliss, energy, grace, compassion, joy are the new qualities of him.

So next time you see him, please treat him with one of these qualities. He will only respond to these good qualities now.



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