The person you met before is dead

It has been more than six months since I started practicing “Inner Engineering“. With the completion of this probationary period, now I have to declare that the person that you met few months ago is dead. He didn’t die by accident; he was deliberately killed. That person  was a false person who identified himself with his body, mind, and emotion. He had to be killed in order to bring the real, boundless “self” hiding inside.

So if you had any hate with that false person, it is no longer valid. Similarly anger, lust, and logic are no longer applicable to him. But if you had loved him before, it is still valid. Love seems to be the original nature of the self.

With the death of the false person, the only thing remaining is the self. Love, bliss, energy, grace, compassion, joy are the new qualities of him. So next time you see him, please treat him with these qualities. He will only respond to these qualities as they are the original qualities of the self.



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