Who is Krishna really?

My grandfather taught me to chant Hare Krishna mantra even before I started going to the school. I chanted with him in a parrot-like way. I read Gita  later when I became an adult. But I understood nothing, even after reading it multiple times.


Until my spiritual awakening, I only believed in Krishna. I chanted his name whenever I was in trouble. In fact, I used him only as a back up. Hoping that, just in case he is real, he may come to rescue me when in trouble. I also visited Krishna temples on whim like everyone did for the same reason.

But after my spiritual awakening, he appeared to me in a completely different way, crushing all my preconceived notions about him.

It is written in every Hindu scripture. Every self-realized person says it with emphasis. That Krishna can only be experienced, not understood. I repeat again. That he can’t be understood with the logical mind. No wonder, all my efforts to understand him logically went futile. He manifested upon me only when I dropped my logical mind.

If you ask me now, I have to tell you, with his authority, that Krishna is with me most of the time. Not always but mostly. And I know how to summon him precisely. He comes every time I summon. There are two exceptions though. He doesn’t come when my mind is not at the present moment. And also when my mind is full of logic.

He doesn’t come in a bodily form that we are used to, like in the picture above; with peacock feather on his head and a flute in his hand. His presence can only be felt in experience. When he comes in you, your body vibrates with waves of pure joy. It feels, as if fountains of pure joy are turned on all over your body.

If you don’t know him yet, fine. But if you want to know, he is not far. You are not experiencing him only because your mind is not still. It may take some time, may be a few months or years, but it is possible to experience him. All you need to do is still your mind. Little bit of practice. Mind is just a heap of memory, it must be dropped to know who you really are. With his authority, I guarantee you that you will be able to experience him if you practice.

There is another way to summon Krishna. Whatever comes to you, good or bad, give it to him. Don’t hold anything on you. He can carry all of your burden. Whether it is love or hate, give it to him. Only he knows how to handle the duality of life. When you do so, you become empty and he will show up.

I may not have experienced his full dimensions yet but I know where he lives. And I am now headed towards his abode. It is an inward journey. In fact, everyone is looking for his abode because everyone is searching for joy in life. The only problem is that many look outside. His abode is inside not outside.

If you doubt him, you will never find him. Because he is not in ‘doubt’. He is in ‘faith’. It is not an argument, it is the truth. Have doubt on everything and see the results; it will destroy you completely. In contrast, faith is uniting.

Krishna will remain in the anecdotes until you experience him. But once you experience him, he will always be with you.

One practice for an inward journey. Please sit in a comfortable position with your eyes closed. Keep your spine erect. Brings your hands together and cross the fingers. Now listen to this song (Krishna Bhajan by Jagjit Singh) with full attention (preferably on a headphone). Try if you can make your mind still while focusing on the song. If you can, even if it is for a few seconds, you will feel sensation around your spine. Then energy will start to flow through your spine upward towards the head. You will feel a different kind of joy. It is called bliss.



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