The Seven Friends

To those who feel that I am far, please know that I am still with you. We are separated but connected, through Sushumna. I can’t exist without you. You are my foundation. You are my Muladhara Chakra.

To those who like me, enjoy my company! Love me! Indulge upon me! But remember that we have to move up one day. I can’t move up without you. You can’t without me. We must work together. You are my Swadhishthana Chakra.

To those who are jealous of me, you are my source of power. Thank you for hating me. In a way, we are very close. Please keep pushing me up. You are my Manipura Chakra.


To those who see me with compassion, you are my true friend. I thank you for giving me the unconditional love. Personally, you are right with me at the moment. You are my Anahata Chakra.

To those who are in touch with me and talking to me, you are my confidence. It is you who bring clarity in my thoughts. Because of you, I have the ability to speak the truth. You are my Vishuddhi Chakra.

To those who understand me, you are very special. You are the one whom I trust, without any doubt. You are my intuition. You are my Ajna Chakra.

To the ones who are very close to me, you are what I am seeking. I know you are around, but I haven’t found you yet. You are my destination. You are my Sahashrara Chakra.


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