In the Lap of the Master

It was one of the most awaited day. To meet Sadhguru. In Los Angeles on October 1st. Until that day, he came my way every day for a few months and gave some wisdom for free. I had a desire to meet him after attending the inner engineering program. It was the day to fulfill that desire.

About 1500 people had gathered at the Pasadena Convention Center in California. Some came to get his blessings. Some came to touch his feet (although he would not allow). Some came to drink the wine of divine. A few came to test his knowledge.


Picture courtesy: Twitter profile of Isha Foundation. 

I had read in other spiritual books (e.g., An Autobiography of a Yogi) that most miraculous things happen in the presence of a Guru. I remember someone somewhere wrote when he touched the feet of his Guru, his hands passed through his transparent feet and touched the ground. My little mind desired to see some miracles that day.

The fellow meditators of Sounds of Isha played devotional songs one after another. We danced. Some time in harmony with the music, and sometime for attention. I was feeling very light that day.

But sadly, no miracles happened, at least in my perception. The only thing that happened was some joy. There were cheerful people and the atmosphere was vibrant — with music, and with great people.


But I was happy. Because I was freed that day. I was freed of a desire; desire to meet the Guru. I dropped my desire to meet him, in front of him that day.

To me, knowledge is my Guru. The knowledge comes through different people, different things, and different experiences. It was indeed one of such experiences. I accept them all.

I bow down upon the feet of knowledge. I surrender.


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