Inner Engineering Book: Experiences

To call this a review would be an utter disgrace to the author. I m not at all qualified to review this book, a book written by a self-realized person, based on his life experiences. If I qualify, I qualify to read this book. I qualify to understand the book correctly. So this is just an account of my experiences while reading the book. Not a review at all.


Words that originate from the heart can be understood only if one is conscious. Language coming from the deepest gorge of silence can be understood fully only if one dares to enter the gorge itself. If mind alone is used to read such language, confusion is guaranteed.

Power of silence has been talked about so much for a reason. Greatest piece of art, divine music, and break-through scientific understanding, all have their origin in silence. When I read the book in silence, each line became powerful, even the space between the lines.

Some were too powerful. Those lines resonated in my body. My whole body got vibrated. Energy surged to the top of my head.  This book is certainly not just another book. It is written too carefully and it is evident after reading that this can only come from one’s deepest experience, right from the inner consciousness. I am not saying that this is the only book that gave me these experiences. It had happened while reading some other spiritual books as well. It happens while I listen to some songs. It happens when I sit outside and immerse in the greatness of nature. In essence, it happens in silence, when my chattering mind rests for some time. In silence, anything touches me deeply. Eyes get closed and energy starts surging up.

For example, a sentence from page 33. “ If you are aware you can activate your system in such a way that simply breathing is enormous pleasure”. It is so true in my experience. And I am very sure I am not an exception.


May be the book is more meaningful to the followers of Sadhguru. May be it is more experiential to those who practice Shambhavi Kriya, an yogic technique taught in the Inner Engineering program. But even to others, the examples and the logic about life given in the book are too appealing. It is great if you can trust his saying without doubt. But if you need logic to trust, the book has plenty of them.

There are several practical experiments or Sadhanas in the book. Short, effective, and testable, they all are supportive for one’s spiritual growth. Fortunately, after I did inner engineering, many of those Sadhanas have already become part of my life. These Sadhanas will take your awareness to a whole different level. It is quite an experience to live in awareness at each moment. While living in awareness, everything reminds of who you are. The tree, sky, moon, family, a random person, a bird, an insect; just everything.

Another piece of wisdom written somewhere in the book. Spiritual experience can only happen if one is willing to break the boundaries. It will happen for sure one day if you keep alive your longing to know. Consciousness tries to expand and break the boundaries. Your mind, because it carries impressions, keeps building boundaries for your physical safety. That is the real struggle. When the longing to expand wins, you become spiritual.

The text is not so important. In silence, the silence will define the text. That is the truth. That is the beauty of silence. For the same reason, philosophers say, read between the lines. Open your consciousness and let it perceive the meaning.

Know that consciousness is different than the mind. It is not the body. It is not the mind. It is the supreme truth that never dies. It is that which is always with you and watching you silently. It is that awareness which is aware of everything. It is the highest form of intelligence. It is that intelligence which creates the brain itself.

Each sentence in the book is so complete, like a piece of life. The book is so authoritative; you can trust without any doubt. For most people, it is one-way flow of knowledge. Each time you read the book, it can help to unlearn the rubbish things that you have learned over time.

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4 thoughts on “Inner Engineering Book: Experiences

  1. Sandhya

    I resonate with each letter that you have penned here . Thanks for sharing it with me .
    So thankful that Sadhguru shared it with all of us .


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