Get the facts on the recent Earthquakes in Nepal

Another huge quake has hit Nepal on May 12, 2015 scratching the wound on Nepalese people caused by the massive Earthquake that had occurred on April 25 as the wound had just started healing. This quake having a 7.3 moment magnitude is still considered as an aftershock of the earlier massive Earthquake that occured on April 25, 2015. Our family member and friends are safe again but that does not mean anything when the country is counting the number of deaths and damages. People are still scared to live inside their houses because of a series of ongoing aftershocks. The damage this time has been mostly in the Eastern parts of Kathmandu including Dolakha, Solukhumbu (where the Mount Everest stands), Sindhupalchowk, Kathmandu itself, and some additional districts of Eastern Nepal. This Earthquake’s epicenter was closer to the Himalayas ( and further damage could be emerging because of avalanches and glaciers/lake burst. As Nepal waits for the mighty monsoon season, it is also possible that landslides will follow which can potentially sweep villages and block the rivers and only surviving roads. This is merely a small account of the massive Earthquake from a person living abroad. In this situation, we really need to be wise and strong to prevent further damage to our society. Some very important things to do now are:

1. Prepare for the worst but do not create havoc or panic among people. Share and spread inspiring stories and humanitarian works in social media rather than criticizing the government and other people. Leave the media to do such things.

2. Educate yourself about the Earthquake and find the facts before telling anything to others and sharing anything in the social media. Please visit Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS) website for a number of detailed information about these specific earthquake events. The website also has a number of peer-reviewed publications related to Earthquake events in the Himalayan region. You can also get the factual live details of the Earthquakes happening around the world including Nepal in the same IRIS website.

The facts and live details of the Earthquake in Nepal can also be found in the United States Geological Survey (USGS) website.

Please read my recent article (Nepali) in a digital media of Nepal called Setopati. Raising awareness about the Earthquake and telling the facts to the common people is one of the most important things to do now.

Lets unite. Lets learn. Lets help. And lets be prepared.


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