Message to the Jackson School of Geosciences family at UT Austin

Thank you very much to all who have already donated to the victims of the Earthquake in Nepal. I also thank you all for your concern and being with the people of Nepal at this difficult time. Although my extended family members are safe until today, some of my friends and many other people were not so lucky and did not survive the Earthquake. I still feel guilty for not being able to go there and help the victims of the devastating Earthquake. So I am trying to do what I can do from here.

Now I have also started collecting funds directly to ensure that the donations are properly utilized. Sending help through large organizations has been less effective for immediate relief because the government and NGOs/INGOs have not been able to reach the rural areas where the worst damage have been reported and survivors are in desperate need of some help. Specifically, they are in desperate need of some Tents, foods, and medical supplies to keep themselves and their children safe. My plan is to mobilize my friends who are living close to the affected rural areas and help the Earthquake victims directly through them. So if you have not already donated and still wanting to donate, please provide your donations to me in the form of cash or check. I will do my best to keep the fund transparent, ensure that a single penny that you donate is properly utilized, and keep you posted. Please reply to me at and I will come to collect your donations. Alternatively, I would appreciate if you can come to my office JGB 5.322 and drop your donations.

Please feel free to donate through any organizations of your choice. Some options to donate are:

1. Prime Minister Disaster Relief Fund

2. Help Nepal Network

3. Non-resident Nepali Association

Thank you so much again for your overwhelming support.

To get a feel of the devastation, please see below:

A live footage

Latest coverage in CNN


2 thoughts on “Message to the Jackson School of Geosciences family at UT Austin

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